2021 Sindy doll play line announced!

UPDATE 9 October


All the 6 play line Sindy dolls are rolling out to Argos stores but selling out quickly. Hopefully more stock will get through next week. The release of these new dolls with the adored vintage style face has caused a real flurry. There was excitement and smiles when I went to collect mine from Argos!

I am reselling a small handful (when / if I can find them) to International buyers who can't buy them directly so contact me if you are looking for one.

Meanwhile here is a new blog post with a Fashion Blogger unboxing video for you.

Affordable Sindy for children

Kid Kreations (doll suppliers and designers) have just launched the new website for their forthcoming play line of Sindy dolls which will be available from Argos and Sainsbury's in the UK.

A play line is a mass produced range, available at lower prices and aimed primarily at children - in contrast to the limited edition, higher priced range (aimed at adult collectors) released last year.

This is great news for all collectors as it allows you to buy new Sindy dolls in the 'classic' 1970s to 1980s production style (or a close as is possible by today's production methods), at affordable prices. You can also share dolls with your children and grandchildren, knowing they conform to today's health and safety standards and are not too expensive to play with.

Sindy Play on Facebook has quoted the following prices:

Riding Club Sindy (comes with a horse) £35
Ballerina £25
Pet Parlour £25
Fashion Blogger £20
Salon Stylist £20
Sweet Treats £20

As you can see, this time a darker skinned Sindy with afro type hair has been included to provide a reasonably diverse mix of skin tones across the 6 new dolls. It's also great news for collectors who want a diverse collection and couldn't afford to buy, or find the rare 1980s brown skinned Gayle doll. Lots of collectors were asking for a black doll - it's good to know that people want inclusivity.

It seems (from close inspection of the pictures and videos) that the new dolls will have poseable ankles this time which is another good development.

The 2021 Sindy doll play line

Finally a doll with poseable ankles seems to have been included as well - for the ballerina character.

My thoughts


I'm really happy this little range has emerged! It will be really interesting to see if young children adopt them. I think I will buy the Fashion Blogger black Sindy and the Ballet Studio Ballerina Sindy with the poseable ankles.


And I'm impressed that Kid Kreations have got the dolls into Sainsburys and Argos. What a huge customer base they will be able to reach! 


Surprised that a horse and rider doll has been introduced as I find that horse and pony accessories don't sell very well. However, I do sell to collectors rather than children and perhaps adults are more interested in fashion.


A little bit disappointed that more than one doll is wearing an apron. But happy that the horse rider looks like a professional jockey. In fact all the girls are like career girls which is cool. But a higher level career would be nice to add in so that Sindy can break through the glass ceiling - let's see Sindy as Prime Minister. Why not? Or if not Prime Minister then maybe Minister for Education and children can decide how to run schools 😃


It's nice to see a lot of card used in the packaging but there is still a lot of plastic. I do feel quite guilty buying anything that's made from new plastic these days. 

A dream come true

So, a dream come true for many collectors and Kid Kreations brings back a credible competitor to Barbie. Can't wait to see what happens in the market and can't wait to see a little kid with a Sindy. 

What are your thoughts and which girl will you choose? Comment below.


  • Hi They are really lovely. Have you any idea when they will be available and will i be able to buy online xx

    Victoria Harris
  • Hi Ronnie,
    Don’t worry, the comment wasn’t deleted – it was just waiting to be approved. I get absolutely tonnes of viagra type spam if I leave the comments unmoderated, sorry!
    RE your main comment – I think it’s a lovely point and I agree wholeheartedly it’s fine to be ordinary or ‘average’ in the most positive sense of that word. And it’s fine to be a homemaker and feminine in the whole range of ways that can be expressed. I agree it’s just too much to keep suggesting to children they aren’t enough if they don’t aim for the top. Additionally, there’s this whole addiction to fame that our culture has which is another discussion in itself.
    At the same time, I would like children to know that it is OK to aim high if they want to and not have an invisible ‘no’ spelt out by no role models at all.

    Frankie Sinclair
  • So sad you felt the need to delete my fair comment. Once again another person who doesn’t want equality. But elitism

  • I can’t wait for these. However not every child dreams of being prime minister I think the range is a nice sample. Don’t let children think it’s not ok to be a baker or a ballet dancer. It’s equally important to be accepted and celebrated whatever career choices you make. Let children play without an agenda.

  • Hi Amanda Hodgetts, well it’s interesting but a business woman did try to relaunch not Pippa but the 6 inch tall Dawn Dolls – but it flopped badly. She is now the CEO of Build-a-Bear Workshop. There’s an interesting podcast about her experience trying to bring back the Dawn dolls if you’re interested https://gimletmedia.com/shows/without-fail/llh988

    Frankie Sinclair

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