Beach Party II

I already featured Beach Party Sindy before, but I felt this particular 1980s brunette doll deserved her own twirl on the catwalk. Nice sleek hair!


Beach Party Sindy looks through green visor
Beach Party Sindy MPN:42003



Beach Party Sindy 1984 - full outfit set3 quarter view of Beach Party Sindy in polka dot blouse, jeans and red mule shoes.

The full outfit consists of:

  1. Green transparent plastic sun visor.
  2. Polka dot, puff sleeve blouse with a pleated collar (love this detail) and elasticated wrists.
  3. White twist cord rope style belt.
  4. Dark blue, pedal pusher jeans with real pockets and red contrast stitching (tight!).
  5. Red slip-on mules.
  6. Red holdall bag with white straps.
  7. Red ghetto blaster cassette player.

Beach Party Sindy long brunette hair - side part.Beach Party long hair back view

 Long hair with a side parting.

Beach Party Sindy takes a seat with her ghetto blaster and holdall bag.

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