Catsuits and animal character hats for Sindy

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Sindy wearing ShimmyShim catsuits and animal hats

I've been busy pattern-cutting, designing and sewing and I finally finished some nifty catsuits for Sindy. Many iterations as usual and I can still think of a couple of adjustments to the patterns.

ShimmyShim catsuits and animal character hats for Sindy. In white, red, yellow, pink and black.

They come in separate parts - I realised it was best this way in case the doll has long hair. Otherwise there would need to be a gapey gap for the hair to come out (or have a big lump of her hair under the neck of the bodysuit). It also means the body part of the outfit can double to be used for other 12 inch fashion dolls. The hat is less versatile but it will fit Creatable World dolls as well as Sindy.

I always think of Eartha Kitt when I think of a catsuit - I wonder if I can find the whole Batman movie to watch it looks fabulous!

I think Sindy is a vampish match to Eartha in her red devil catsuit.

Sindy in red devil catsuit.

And a gauntlet Sindy in a black cat suit would be perfect in Gotham City. She's friendly with that mouse though, I thought they were mortal enemies!

Gauntlet Sindy and 80s Sindy in cat and mouse get up.

The pastel colours have a far more cutesy look.

Sindy in pink mouse outfit

The hats look great with leotards as well.

Sindy in fluffy ears hat and leotard.

Something about the rabbit makes her very easy to animate.

Sindy in white rabbit costume.

The tails also come seperately and can be attached with a small elastic loop.

Catsuits from the back showing the tails.

Trying the outfits in a scene. I set up the Sindy makeup shop for a fun setting. 

Sindy mouse in the makeup shop

Red devil Sindy sitting in the makeup shop

Sindy shopping in a red devil costume.

The display pack.

ShimmyShim catsuit and animal hat on display packs.

Complete quite late last night, but I just had to fix that curtain!

Frankie with display pack.

I will also make the patterns available as downloadables to buy. This will be a very affordable option. The suits and hats are tricky to make with a lot of seams and therefore not the cheapest. But I will also try to find a fabric that doesn't need to be hemmed. This should make them quicker to make and perhaps I can offer them at a slightly lower price. But if you want the luxury of buying an off-the-shelf Made in England catsuit or animal character hat, these are perfect! They are made with great care and high specs 😀

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