Eco friendly sticky tape and packaging

It's important to keep a close eye on spending in a small business. But money saved on cheap supplies can come at the expense of the planet. Everyday some news headline reminds me of the need to make changes - where possible - to help improve recycling and reduce industrial waste.

I've been using metres and metres of plastic sticky tape: for a secure seal, I use sticky tape to seal the envelopes I send out each day containing the orders of doll's clothes. That's a lot of sticky tape churning through the dispenser and off to clog up landfill! I've been meaning to find a better solution for a while now.

Although I've been using eco friendly parcel tape from the Kite packaging website, it's too wide for envelopes. It's also impractical as it will not stick to itself. So any accidental overlaps leave a flap that can pull and unravel the parcel. 

Eco friendly parcel tape from Kite

Surface of the eco friendly parcel tape from Kite

I do use it to seal those boxes with 'ears' that tuck into slots. In that case I run a strip along the front and a strip along each side. It looks smart and holds the box closed securely. But for an ordinary cardboard box, I like to wrap the tape around the whole circumference and it does overlap!

Waxy eco tape on the edges of a parcel with tuck flaps

Last week I ordered some 24mm sticky tape from The Plastic Free Shop and I've been really pleased with it!

24mm eco friendly sticky tape reels

It fits properly into a regular tape dispenser, tears off easily and it seems to stick to itself properly.

24mm eco tape sticks to itself

Tear off eco friendly sticky tape

I also put it to the test in some hot water: I needed to straighten a pair of Sindy Funtime legs (which can go bandy). So I taped them around a straight metal knife with the new eco tape, and plunged them into hot water to reset. Later, I unwound the tape, dried it out, and it was still usable and sticky afterwards!

It is a lot more expensive than the bargain sticky tape I often buy, but worth it to help with recycling.

I also use recycled plastic bubble wrap (you can spot the recycled version because it's a green colour) and I'm looking at eco friendly clear plastic bags (the equivalent of cellophane bags) for possible use in the future.

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