Fashion Blogger Sindy 2021 - unboxing and review of the new black afro doll

It's really great that Kid Kreations released a doll with masses of black curly hair and a brown skin tone during this October's Black History Month in the UK (and a relief after the proposed Country Chic black Sindy doll disappeared from the 2020 range). She will carve out a little piece of history, being the first black Sindy brand doll available in the UK and having Sindy as her name. 

Potted history

According to the 1976 black doll in the Sindy family was only released in the USA and Canada. She had the same shape face but was called Sindy's friend Gayle. Following Gayle, there was a 1981 black Sindy but again, only released in the USA.

Play line

She is one of 6 dolls in the Kid Kreations new play line, each of which is characterised as a small business owner with a little shop. Black Sindy is called "Fashion Blogger" and her packaging can be used as a boutique fashion shop play set complete with illustrated card clothes to cut-out.

Unboxing video

You can watch my full review and unboxing of Fashion Blogger Sindy in this short video:

She is a very pleasing doll, with soft, thick and glossy hair and a fully poseable body, including flexing ankles. This means she can wear high heels or flat shoes. Highly recommended for children and collectors!

Interview in Mam'selle Magazine

This week, November's issue of Mam'selle magazine is out and you can flip through the pages online to read a fantastic interview with Rachel Godfroy about the secret planning and design of both the collector and play line Sindy ranges. And check out my older interview here to learn how Rachel became a fashion doll designer.


Have you bought Fashion Blogger Sindy? What do you think? Comment down below. Note that comments have to be moderated because of so much spam coming through so it may take a few days to appear but I will check as often as I can!


  • What an absolutely adorable sindy doll. Her hair is thick and curly and her body moves easily. She is a gorgeous and real value for money. Well done for bringing sindy back for the children (and us adults) 🤗

    Helga Griffiths
  • So far, I’ve just got this doll from the new range but will get others; she is beautiful and as I said on the groups “will look great in a bin bag” and I’m sure will be a massive hit with children and their parents.
    Winner winner, Kid Kreations!

    Geraldine Smith
  • @Juliette Dodd – yes eyelashes really do enhance the face! 8 out of 10… not a bad score 😉

    Frankie Sinclair
  • Getting a lot of bot spam, so comments have moderation turned on and won’t appear until I check the queue! ****
    Frankie Sinclair
  • This is the only new Sindy Ive bought from the relaunched range, mainly I’m vintage only collector but as I haven’t gor a Black Sindy, she was a must. Lovely doll, although I may repaint her lips as not keen on that colour and gloss, also will give her eyelashes to be more like an older style doll. I like her hair too, alyhough doubt it will brush, being so curly. 8/10

    Juliette Dodd

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