Fix It Tip: a quick mend for frayed seams and hems

TLC is an acronym collectors use which means 'needs some tender loving care'. I received a large lot of doll's clothes the other day which was chock full of TLC items. It must have been a rejects bag! Obviously with doll's clothes, they've often been played with and handled roughly for years by children and they can end up with tears, holes, pen marks, frayed edges and lost buttons or pop fasteners.

Speed is of the essence my end, so I thought of this quick way of mending a frayed hem. It is also a good way of mending a small hole, without sewing on an unsightly patch. It even works beautifully on damaged chiffon or transparent fabrics. I have used it to successfully mend a tear in a lovely psychedelic 1971 Sindy blouse before.

Fraying stitched hem line.

Tools and materials

  1. Iron
  2. Scissors
  3. Feather or light weight, fusible (iron on) interfacing fabric

Light weight interfacing fabric Vlieseline H18c 40 degrees Medium iron 8 seconds

Light weight fusible interfacing fabric


  1. Wash and iron your item.
  2. Snip a small strip or patch of interfacing fabric.
  3. Touch the interfacing to feel the rougher side which has the glue and place it glue side down over the frayed area.
  4. Iron on a medium heat for a few seconds
    (my fabric has helpful instructions printed on and indicates 8 seconds).

Strip of interfacing ironed onto the seam

You have a neat mend and you've saved a lovely piece from disintegrating in front of your eyes!


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