History of Sindy 1981 appears on OurSindyMuseum.com

Sindy wearing Party Time in pink 1981
Sindy Party Time - pink version

Since it launched in 2010, OurSindyMuseum has been the definitive, go to reference manual for all things Sindy dated between 1963 and 1980. Today, I heard that the site has just published the long promised, second year of the 1980s decade. Rock on 1981!

What is special about the online Museum, is the attention and care taken to verify all the details described. The historians have reached out to the community of collectors to find items in their original packaging and original catalogues. They also present the information in a wonderfully consistent and logical way. For example, the 'Mix and Match' sets are always presented at the end of the year page, and similar or reused designs are cross referenced. International issues are pointed out and fabrics and materials lovingly described. It gives you a great feeling of sureness and orientation as you ride the time machine! And there's a real joy in reading these pages as you sense the passionate interest that has driven the research. 

So take a visit back in time to 1981 and explore the minimalist fashions of the era. Coincidentally I stumbled across a video of Bucks Fizz 1981 Eurovision performance of "Making Your Mind Up" the other day and I think I discovered the inspiration behind the three Party Time outfits! Click the play button and you'll see what I mean 😉

But I still don't know if the pink Party Time doll came with red sandals or magenta? I can't quite see from the picture. As Ann Jalili explains in her recent blog post, there are still gaps in the information and the Museum is always willing to update. I'm glad they didn't wait for perfection before publishing!

I managed to find a magenta pair of sandals for my collection of Sindy shoes (which I'll share in another post). Interested to see a red pair of sandals (which I've never seen referenced before) as part of the SweetDreams outfit - with fake fur tops! I wonder if the red sandals I have are from that outfit (and perhaps the fur came off?) It's difficult to tell - mine look a bit more scarlet and less dark. 

And I'm dying to know - will the Museum go beyond 1986 into the Hasbro era? Or perhaps I don't want to hear a 'no' - I'd like to believe they will keep going to cover every Sindy echo.


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