How to make a mini loo roll - video and downloadable PDF

It's week 6 of Covid-19 social distancing for me here in London and I think I've got used to living like a busy hermit. I've been keeping in regular touch with friends and family and there's a common thread between us all: we're finding a burst of creative productivity emerging from the extra time we have! Everyday life can feel very fragmented and distracting. But the lockdown is like an art retreat. 

I've been meaning to experiment with making videos for a while and this has been my big chance to get cracking. I enjoyed it! So I realised that there are different approaches to craft 'how tos'. Some are real time and some are fast forwarded mini videos. I've ended up with something halfway between the two. Let me know what you think of the length of the 'How to make a loo roll' video. This version is about 12 minutes. I will also edit down a short and snappy version and post it here shortly.

Free Download

I've also created a free download for you which has the pattern template for the cardboard core, wrapping and label.

Download How to make a mini loo roll scale 1 to 6 - instructions and templates

It's my first 'how to' video - let me know what you think in the comments below x

And before I go, let me share with you more loo roll trivia - a full episode on the invention and history of toilet paper featured on one of my favourite podcasts: 99% Invisible - Episode 397 Wipe Out 

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  • Love the miniature loo rolls! What a fun idea…I would have loved these for my Sindy House when I was a child. Tempted to make some for my daughters Sylvanians…

    Leissac Lens

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