Iron doll clothes with a mini ironing board

It would be fun to iron doll clothes on a teeny weeny scale 1:6 ironing board, but very fiddly! Thankfully, as I mentioned in my Laundry Tips post, you can strike a happy medium between doll size and human size, with a sleeve ironing board. This is much smaller and narrower than a full size board.

I have just listed a Prym sleeve ironing board in a new section (called Crafty Kit) on my eBay shop.

Ironing doll clothes on a sleeve ironing board

It narrows down to around 7cm at one end which makes it easy to pull on and smooth down a scale 1:6 skirt or top.

Sindy doll jacket on a sleeve ironing board

The Prym brand board is light weight and folds up easily to carry. You can use it on a table top or on top of your regular size board.

Prym sleeve board folds up

The cover is reversible: you can use the grid marked side for dress making - just press a seam or hem along a guide line, ready to sew.

Sleeve ironing board with grid marks to help with dress making.

The other side has heat reflective material for high temperature ironing (good for cotton and linen).

Heat reflective sleeve ironing board cover.

It's the pro way to iron doll clothes. 

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