Kid Kreations new release update - but where is Country Chic black Sindy?

 Update 9 October 2021

Read my new article with the unboxing video of brand new black Sindy doll "Fashion Blogger".

Diversity matters

That's great news, and I'd love to see the launch show! However, I wonder where the dark skinned doll with afro hair featured in the original announcement at Dollycon last year has disappeared to? She was presented as the 'Country Chic' doll and had a little dog on a lead.

The new update shows illustrations by Rachel Godfroy Scott of the 6 new outfits paired with the 1963 equivalents. 'Country Chic' seems to have been replaced by 'Ice Skater'.

I've sent Kid Kreations an email to ask where she's gone and if they will be including dolls of different ethnicities in the collection. It's really important for fashion to be diverse. We have a diverse population, we're a diverse world and that is to be embraced! It does look as though the Sleepy Time doll with darker skin and long straight, dark hair has remained in the first release collection. I know more collections are planned and perhaps they will include a wider mix of skin complexions and ethnicities. I'm totally on board with Mattel's offering of a way more diverse population of dolls in the second decade of the 21st Century. 

I have a small collection of fashion dolls which I use to model and I would love to include a dark skinned Sindy. The new line would have been more affordable than a Gayle Sindy which is way out of my price range right now.

Kid Kreations Design A Friend dolls have a great range so here's hoping for Sindy.

Vittoria Tombs designed the range of six dolls and there will be 3,000 units of each one released - each individually numbered. This is far more than the original quoted release of 800 of each doll. Perhaps demand and interest has been higher than expected? 


  • the website is unlocked now! I ordered the pink haired one- so cute! Some more diversity would be welcome though- don’t understand why they subbed the ONLY black doll for another pale one.

  • I have tried to go to the sindycollectorsclub website to register for a pre order code but it says you need a password to get into it!

  • Disappointing. Clothes very uninspired and why RUFFLES on everything ? Tonner doll had a terrible sculpt, and this one looks strange too – can’t they find someone who knows how dolls should look? Why not just laser copy a Trendy Girl? ( In case you are wondering – I have had 4 dolls manufactured so I do know the process)

  • how can i pre order the sindy dolls
    i have been looking and cant find any further information

    margaret campbell

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