New cut-and-sew kits

A while back, I posted about designing the perfect Sindy tights pattern. Now I've put together a special kit so that you can make your own. The kit also includes some 'perfect' Sindy socks and a headband. 

Buy the ShimmyShim make-your-own Sindy size tights kit

Buy ShimmyShim ready made tights

Here is a video showing how to make the tights. The video is for people who can do basic level machine sewing. If you're experienced, you would be able to follow the written instructions very easily. I will do a 'quick' version of the video for experienced sewing aficionados too.

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The kit with the pattern printed and ready to use.

ShimmyShim make-your-own Sindy size tights kit in red

 There are several colours of the soft and stretchy viscose fabric available. The nice thing about the kits, is that you don't have to buy loads of fabric that you'll never use. The fabric is also tried and tested and works beautifully for the tights - not too bulky but thick enough to be opaque.

Fabric for tights in a variety of colours.

The finished tights have a lovely fit:

ShimmyShim finished tights in beige

I would love to know how you get on with making these tights. And what other kits would you like to see available?

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