Love, support and solace - Doll clothes charity auctions for Ukraine

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With giant headlines and multiple news articles full of shocking stories of the devastation in Ukraine, I for one am feeling compassion everyday for those whose  lives have been shattered.

I think doll collecting, photography and crafts are a good distraction. It is really comforting and purposeful to be involved in hobbies (and in my case running my ShimmyShim doll business) that we care about and 'get into the flow' with. 

At the same time we don't want to ignore what is happening. We can all do a bit to help. With that purpose in mind, I have decided to regularly auction some fashion doll clothing for charities directly involved with helping victims of the crisis.

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Bra and knickers designed to fit Sindy, with hearts lace trim and yellow cord bows.

Blue bra and knickers underwear set designed to fit Sindy. Ukraine charity dolls clothes fundraiser


Past auctions (now sold)

Mod style rib top dress with A-line skirt and peace bird.

Ukraine charity auction dress with peace bird

Mod style shift dress in the colours of the Ukranian flag.

Blue and yellow mod dress with bow

Create your own charity auction on eBay

It's really easy - you just create an auction listing as normal. Then look for the 'charity' section towards the end of the listing, select your preferred charity (you can search if yours isn't in the default list) and choose how much of the proceeds you wish to go to charity.


Do share this article. If you don't want to bid on the dress, there is also a link on my Instagram profile which allows donations to the Disaster Emergency Committee (which includes the Red Cross) for the next 30 days.


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