Love Valentine hearts

Valentine's day is on the 14 February. So now is a good time to search out and reveal my (small) collection of heart themed fashion doll clothes.

Surprisingly hearts don't feature much in either Barbie or Sindy fashion and I haven't seen many good designs. However, my favourite outfit is really knockout: the 1983 "Loving You" Barbie skirt and bodice with puff sleeves (looks like a dress but it's actually a set).

Display tip

Fill the sleeves with a strip of white gauze to make them puff out.

Loving You Barbie dress

Such a perfect confection. Sprinkles on fairy cake icing.

I have one of these on eBay right now.

Buy Loving You Barbie Valentine set

In a reverse mirror of the Loving You dress is, a rather horrible handmade dress I've dubbed the 'shock frock'. It does have a certain appeal. Like an old threadbare teddy with one dangling eye. I might try and rescue it one day: a piece of ribbon around the waist to cover the wonky waist line, clean hems and gather the bottom of the sleeves to make them puff.

Badly made red hearts dress

In the same vein, this gauzy skirt. It looks as though it's part of a wedding dress. Unidentified.

White net skirt with hearts

Second favourite in my collection is a beige Sindy sweatshirt with 3 emblazoned hearts from the 1981 Sindy Separates collection.

Sindy Seperates sweatshirt with hearts

Maybe a favourite because I'd love to wear a life size version of it. It reminds me of  fashion label PPQ that my sister occasionally modelled for in the 90s when she was friends with the founder, Amy Molyneaux. They did a few things with sweatshirt fabric - can't seem to find any examples online though.

I like that sleeve seam diagonal from neck to underarm. It makes a more rounded shoulder. It's the three overlapping hearts that make the design brilliant. Just that simple overlap gives the graphic loads of character and animates it slightly.

Next up a summery number originally from a catalogue pack for fashion dolls (most likely Littlewoods).

Multi colour hearts dress

This may be from the same pack?

Tiny multi colour hearts dress

This shape of dress - fitted bodice and flared skirt seems to be very fashionable at the moment.

Not sure about these two. Probably Barbie but the one on the left has something of a MyScene look.

Two mini dresses with hearts

The hearts seem incidental on this pink Barbie Fashion Fun jumpsuit from 1984.

Pink jumpsuit Barbie Fashion Fun 1984

This is a little outfit for a Pippa 6 inch size doll. It's part of the rather grandly named 'Monaco Collection'. The pattern reminds me of sticky back plastic for kitchen tiles - but in a good way. It's one of the pinafore and dress combinations that I wrote about in 70s Victoriana

Pippa Monaco dress and red pinafore

And here are a few T-shirts which lack imagination really...

Pink glitter hearts top

T-shirts with hearts

But might look good with a pair of cheeky shorts.

I love your buns shorts

If you liked these, some feature in my Valentine themed 'On the Rail' print which is available as a Valentine card or a print in my shop.

Hearts dresses on a rail


FYI the white sweatshirt with the zig-zag applique ribbon is 1984 Sindy Fantasia (it went with a pair of green shorts).

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