Mystery 'Sindy in a box' - jackpot or booby prize?

All photos (except the final one) courtesy and © of Kim Gamble - thank you. The final photo is of a 'Paul' Jack-in-a-box and was kindly supplied by and © Susan Clipston.

Goodwood Toys Sindy Jack in a Box

Kim Gamble from Leicester contacted me this evening with an exciting story so I thought I'd quickly write it up for your interest (before I go for a short holiday tomorrow) and hopefully help her out at the same time.

Kim is a fairly new collector, and she doesn't collect Sindy - she collects 1970s Pippa dolls. 

"I had 2 Pippa’s in the 1970s, then found 4 in a charity shop last February, with loads of clones for £2.45 and now I have over 60.... that’s all I’ve really done since this lockdown, buy dolls 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ and listen to 70s music, think I’m a kid again."

Pippa may be her favourite, but she certainly has an eye for Sindy. Having noticed a certain eye wateringly high priced Sindy-Jack-In-A-Box for sale recently on eBay, the image was seared into her memory. When she saw another for sale at a peppercorn price she opportunistically snapped it up. But the question is, did she hit the jackpot or is she now the proud owner of a booby prize?

If it's genuine, Kim could sell her Jack-in-box-Sindy to fund her Pippa collection. So she would really benefit from some help on this. Is it authentic?

Here is a link to our favourite definitive Sindy doll guide with information about these Pandora style dolls.

And below are some more pictures to help with identification. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

What do you think? Is this the real thing?

How much would you want this doll in your collection?

Closed Sindy Jack in a box


Sindy Jack in a Box back


Sindy Jack in a Box inside


Sindy Jack in a Box head and dress


 Sindy Jack in a Box dress inside


Sindy Jack in a Box close up of head


Sindy Jack in a Box neck


Sindy Jack in a Box bell

Susan Clipston shared this photo of a wonderful Paul Jack-in-a-box. Paul was of course Sindy's boyfriend. I love his jester costume.

Paul Jack-in-a-Box


  • Thanks for your comment Lesley! I posted this article on a Facebook group and they came to the same conclusion. Not only that, but the vintage head seems to be a Marilyn Sindy which makes it even more rare!

    Frankie Sinclair
  • Yes this is a real sindy jack in the box and extremely rare. I found three sindy puppets some years ago and you can see them on special dolls on our sindy museum website. They are wearing clothes made from the exact same material with vintage sindy heads.
    Mrs lesley glover

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