On location - at the Dolly Mixture Fashion Doll Museum

See also full details (location and so on) of the event >>

Video walk through of the event:


Rock Flowers clothes and Dawn dolls

I'm writing from the cavernous inside of the Haynes Lane Vintage Collectors Market in Crystal Palace where I am on location with my pop-up museum. It's lovely to be out and about and connecting with people in this wonderful market. 

Doll clothes for sale along with house plants

Sally Battley has continued to be a whirlwind all week, dashing from 5am car boot sale to creating dazzling displays in her shop. She is a maestro with pazzazz at the jumbled service desk, shouting "I've got a canon ball!" at the top of her voice with a wink to a regular customer.

Miniature dresser

II've had plenty of time to rummage around in the shop and I picked out a few treasures to feature for sale in the museum. This amazing wooden dresser was one of them and I'm also choosing some to share on Instagram each day.

Ballet Sindy dancers

Mini ballet shoes and life size!

Pale pink satin ballet shoes.

I met a doll in the 'Rummage Room' I think she might be Ginny - not sure. Will look her up!

I met Ginny I think

Children check out the show and love it!

What has really surprised me is that I have completely different customers at the museum. My customers are generally aged 30 to 60 but at the museum they are aged 3 to 10 years old! I've been really impressed with how carefully they've explored. Nothing broken so far. I made a video interview of two girls talking about why they liked the show which I'll post later. 
The kids don't know quite where to start when they first arrive in the museum, and then they dive in and they are rather spellbound and fascinated by the details. They are very perceptive - I had a couple of girls ask about the blinkers on Sindy's gig pulling horse. And they found the telephone box quite amusing.


Little boy exploresThanks to Lucy for this pic.

Girl views show

Thanks to Claire for this pic.

The museum is on for another 2 weeks and I look forward to seeing you if you come by. 

Here are a few more photos and videos to follow.

MEGO Wizard of Oz collection

Visitors at the show.
Thanks to Sally for this pic.


Purple Faerie Glenn dress on red hair doll.


MEGO One Million BC stone age man doll

And more pictures by Claire:

Hachette doll in flight attendant mode on the Barbie Friend Ship.

Sindy in Stepford Wives scene

Creatable World child doll and Barbie with prosthetic leg.

Monster High Skelita doll.









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