Pedigree Sindy Party Piece

Generally I sell Sindy clothes separately rather than in a complete set: Collectors often already own one or two elements, and prefer to buy the missing pieces rather than the whole set; It takes time to gather all the elements of an outfit together which would slow process down for the shop; And I've found it easiest to store (and sell) clothes by type (I keep all the short skirts together for example). 

But every now and then, a complete set materialises. Here is today's complete set. Party Piece 1984 #43006 modelled on an active Sindy. She doesn't have the right hair and make up but I think she carries it quite nicely.

Brunette Sindy models Party Piece outfit

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Sindy dancing in Party Piece black sparkly dress

It consists of a black dress with rainbow metallic threads, a metallic pinky purple sash, a pair of fishnet tights and black sandals.

Party Piece dress, sash, tights and sandals.

The fasteners are clear plastic poppers in a square shape and it usually has a Sindy label inside.

The Sindy label inside

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