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Update May 13 Pretty Pose not so distinguishing features?

I'm now very unsure of my ID on this doll. She actually looks more like a Funtime '74 or '75 and I'm thinking her arms do not bend enough, and are not spindly enough to make her a Pretty Pose Sindy.

However, she doesn't match the Petradolls website description of the next closest doll - the Funtime - either.

  • The description for the head does not match a Funtime because it is brunette and marked 033050X.
  • And the body doesn't match a Funtime body either as it not marked OD or Hong Kong.
  • The legs don't bend.

Her head matches the description for a 1975 Active Sindy, with the long brunette hair, high colour and the number 033050X.

So a bit of an enigma. I would be very interested to hear feedback from any longtime collectors - please comment if you have any information that would help.

Doll's distinguishing features

  • Hard head.
  • Number marking: 033050X on back of head.
  • Bendable arms (with wires inside). Non-bendable legs.
  • High colour with quite strong blusher and red lip paint.
  • Shoulder length wavy thick hair.
  • Very long legs - this example comes up at 29cm tall.
  • Fingers and toes are very detailed.

This is a quick post to show off a doll that I've been told is a Pretty Pose Sindy from 1975 (since found she may not be that). She has a slightly sultry look despite her baby face.

Pretty Pose doll face brunette

Here she is wearing what appears to be a version of a 1975 outfit called 'Pleasant Dreams'. The online Sindy Museum shows one manufactured by MEGO
This one is very similar but it has long sleeves.

Pretty Pose doll wearing peignoir

In my pile of ironing I found another little item made from similar fabric.

Pretty Pose wearing negligee

There is also a negligee made from a similar fabric in 1974. Notice the butterflies in the fabric design.

Sindy 1974 negligee

Pretty Pose Sindy doll is a super model. She looks great in this bright Red Raver outfit from 1985.

Sindy wearing Red Raver underwear

I also reshot several vintage hand made outfits using her as a model because they looked a bit frumpy on Mini Sindy (1965). Here's Mini looking like Angela Merkel (who I'm sure is not frumpy by nature but doesn't wear in a twin set that well).

Mini Sindy in mauve twin set

Compared to Pretty Pose.

Pretty Pose Sindy in mauve twin set

However, Mini looks fetching in a bit of turquoise.

Mini Sindy in handmade turquoise coat

The Pretty Pose Sindy would be quite rare as she was only made during 1975 and only sold in the UK. I bought her from a collector. I had no idea what price to sell her at so I decided to experiment with a reverse auction. She's currently still for sale, although she's such a good model I've been tempted to end the listing.

I would be interested to see your pictures of Pretty Pose. If you'd like to share your own Pretty Pose photos, please drop me a line.

Fingers and Toes

p.s forgot to mention the fingers and toes. They're more detailed than later Sindy dolls with creases marked on the finger joints and little nails.

Sindy Pretty Pose toes

Sindy Pretty Pose hand with detailed creases

Pretty Pose body front viewPretty Pose body back view

Comments (copied over)

MARCH 21, 2019 AT 5:57 PM EDIT
Hello – this is Helen from Sindy’s Fabulous Fashion – thanks for your lovely comments! I believe she is indeed a Pretty Pose – sometimes their legs get a bit stiff and don’t bend so well, she has the correct head markings as they came with both 033055X and 033050X, and the typical PP beautiful face, full long hair. I wrote a feature about them for a doll mag years ago with Aly Simmons – i would send you a copy if i had your contact details? I will have a good look around your blog but am really liking it so far!
I don’t use mine as a blog, but as a website (you’ve probably gathered that!)
Best wishes

MARCH 21, 2019 AT 7:02 PM EDIT
Hi Helen, lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the feedback about the Pretty Pose. I will send you my details – would love to read your article.
I would write more if I had more time, I really enjoy it. I have recorded an interview with Rachel Godfrey Scott (fashion doll designer) which I’m slowly transcribing – that should be coming up soon…ish 😊
I’m looking forward to a more leisurely browse around your website.
Are you going to Dolly Con or the London Fashion Doll Festival? Perhaps see you at either?
Frankie x



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