Bob hair inspired shimmering 1920s flapper creations

February 2021 update

I just discovered a couple of fantastic movies on YouTube, showing enhanced original footage from the 1920s in Berlin and Paris. They are really worth a look. Every single person seems to be wearing a cloche hat. Love the girls dancing together - no waiting on the sidelines for a polite invitation. Perhaps unsurprisingly there are guys in both films sneakily touching girls arms and caught in the act on camera. People were certainly not used to the camera and give it a hard stare!

Paris in the 1920s

Berlin in the 1920s

Brunette Sindy with bob hair

A couple of weeks ago (actually it turns out to be 7 weeks ago but I seem to live in some kind of time vortex) I shared a photo of a dark haired Sindy doll with a bob haircut and a question:

Were there every any Sindys issued with a bob hair cut?

The question kicked off a long thread with some fab photos of people's custom designed dolls and I reproduce them here with kind permission from two members of Sindy Collectors Corner 

Two blonde girls with bobs by Angelina Bambolina

Two Sindy dolls with bob hair cuts and handmade flapper dresses

Angelina shares a bit of background to these two inspired designs:

The outfits of my two girls are handmade by me: they consist of two layers: one has golden silk and the pink tulle lace above, the other blue silk taffeta and the same pink tulle. The patterns are my own creation, the design too. I could do part of the work with the sewing machine but I had to sew the paillettes band by hand and also do the finishing work by hand; the same with the headbands. My only research was a sticker album my daughter had when she was younger. The idea of making 1920ies style dresses came when I found under my fabrics the pink tulle rest. - suddenly I knew what to make of it! One pair of the slippers was originally blue, my daughter coloured it in a matching pink. The pearl necklaces are handmade, too, such as their headbands.

Paillette - what a wonderful word! It means "a piece of glittering material used to decorate clothing; a spangle"

Bubbles by Lesley Carter

Bubbles a Sindy doll in flapper outfit by Lesley Carter

Lesley's story:

I've always loved the 20's flapper era, but I think my outfits were really inspired by the fancy dress I wore in 1982 (I think it was). It's not a great pic. I make my dresses from ribbon, wideness depending on the size of the doll, machine & hand sew it together with fringe on top & add snap fastenings, matching ricrac or trim, headband with feather & seed bead necklace. I've made them for all different dolls, from Pippa to 20" Dollikin. I should do an album of all the varieties really!

1982 dress up party photo

Technically the photo is a little dark, but the mood is wonderful and the young flapper is certainly glowing in the picture!

Thanks to Lesley and Angelina for sharing.


And the answer to the question is:


So any bob hair girls that you find are custom cut. Unless, unless perhaps you have the actual prototype doll shown in the 1985 catalogue photo of C'est Chic?

Sindy C'est Chick outfit in the 1985 catalogue

If you have designed and made a 1920s outfit I'd love to see it. The Shimmy was originally a 1920s dance after all!


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