Sindy Range Rover at the Big O

I had the full range of Sindy vehicles at the Big O, but the Range Rover really stole the show. I guess it was a very famous car of it's time and summed up everything about the infamous Sloane Rangers of the era.

It was amazing weather and a very friendly atmosphere. Most people came for a family day out. Very well organised and themed. It seemed to be marquees of different eras with the vintage stalls in the middle. The lady on the stall next to me did a roaring trade in hair ribbon bows. I noticed almost all the parents enjoyed buying these kinds of small presents for their kids and there were a lot of little girls with bows in their hair by the end of the day.

As with the So Last Century Fair, people were really attracted to ShimmyShim’s vintage toys, but more to look at and talk about than to buy. I keep coming back to the idea of opening a little museum!

Sindy with caravan and Range Rover

Because the fair was featuring a vintage cars rally and a scooter parade, I decided to mirror that and I brought ALL my Sindy vehicles and dressed up some Sindys and Barbie’s rock star friend Derek from the mid 80s to go with them.

  • Red Sindy ‘Range Rover’
  • Orange Sindy caravan
  • Barbie / Sindy pink ‘cadillac’ Zima car
  • Red 80s Sindy sports car
  • White Sindy surf buggy with wave design
  • Yellow Sindy scooter
  • Sindy horse and trap (also sometimes called a Gig).

I decided to be ‘diverse’ and brought Sindy’s friend ‘Imani’. She was sitting in the pink Zima cadillac style car which all the guys (hmmm interesting I wonder why) thought was ‘Lady Penelope’s’ car. Some of them were a bit bemused that ‘Lady Penelope’ was suddenly a black woman, or at least one guy was. He said “Lady Penelope’s turned black!” but then looked a bit embarrassed. I guess he worried if he was being un-PC. Maybe he was.

A couple came by and chose the Sindy Range Rover towing the orange Sindy caravan to go in their newly decorated kitchen. I’m hoping they’ll post some pictures as it sounds like amazing decor with orange paint and a huge kitchen dresser full of vintage collectibles. I was glad to make a decent sale! Also sold some cards which were very carefully picked out by their buyers. I like to choose cards carefully too - you have to get exactly the right card for the person it’s going to and you just get a feel for it and a particular card will stand out, and you can picture your friend or loved one’s face when they see it and maybe imagine them commenting or telling a joke about it.

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