1980s Sindy doll - high heel shoes catalogue

1980s Sindy doll - high heel shoes catalogue

I've been collecting Sindy shoes and these Minnie Mouse style high heels are my absolute faves. Also I love jelly shoes as you can see from my previous article and there are a few jellies in the collection!

So I thought it would be useful to create a table of shoes by colour and list which outfits they originally appeared with.

I need your help though! Some of the shoes can't be seen very clearly in the original Pedigree and Hasbro catalogues. Either that, or they were spray painted prototypes. And since I don't collect dolls in their original boxes, I don't know which dolls and which packs had which shoes.

But I've made a start with the knowledge I've gained so far. 

As far as I know, I only have 3 pairs left to collect: mauve, purple and transparent gold. Just cannot resist a rainbow!

  Image High heel shoe colour The outfit or doll it comes with Year MPN
1 Black high heel shoes Black 2nd Edition Marie 1986 42100 / 42150 (International)
2 Grey high heel shoes Grey Sindy Boutique 1986 43161
3 White high heel shoes White Sindy's Friend Marie 1st Edition 1986
42100 / 42150 (International)
White Sindy's Friends - Royal Wedding (boxed dolls) 1986 42106
White Miss Sindy (brunette) boxed doll 1986 43055
White Boutique (white skirt with black polka dots) 1986 43158
4  Red high heel shoes Red Starlight 1985
  Red Disco Magic, 1986
Sindy Goes to Dallas
  Red Miss Sindy 1986 43052
5 Orange Orange (peach) Fashion Girl Sindy 1987
6 Yellow Yellow Romantica 1985
  Yellow Fashion Girl Sindy 1987
7 Pale yellow Sindy Classics  1986 43618
8 Transparent gold with glitter ?
9 Transparent green with glitter high heel shoes Transparent green with glitter ?
10 Dark green high heel shoes Dark green Starlight 1985
  Dark green Pretty Girl 1987
11 Transparent olive green high heel shoes Transparent olive green Disco Magic 1986
12 Mint pistachio green high heel shoes Mint pistachio green Funtime Sindy 1986
13 Transparent blue with glitter high heel shoes
Transparent blue with glitter
Snow Princess 1986 42046 / 42056 (International)
14 Pearlescent blue high heel shoes Pearlescent blue Disco Magic 1986
15 Dark blue high heel shoes Dark blue Miss Sindy? 1986 43053
16 Light blue high heel shoes Light blue Fashion Girl Sindy 1987
17 Purple ?
18 Mauve Misty Mauve 1985
19 Transparent magenta pink with glitter
Transparent magenta pink with glitter
20 Magenta pink high heel shoes Magenta pink High Society 1985
21 Hot pink high heel shoes Hot pink Superstar Sindy, My First Sindy 1988
22 Peachy apricot pink high heel shoes Peach / apricot pink ?
23 Light pink high heel shoes Light pink ?
24 Very pale pink high heel shoes Very pale pink First Romance? 1986 42019
Very pale pink My First Sindy 1986 42041 / 42051 (International)

Please comment below, if you can match any of the shoes to the right outfit!

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Great list but the above outfit came with black high heels not white. I had this mint from the box.

Green glitter heels are from the boxed 2985 Premiere Sindy


Liz Gardner

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