Boutique Department Store

ShimmyShim is an online, creative lifestyle shop selling contemporary homewares and fashions printed with designs by artist Frankie Sinclair.

The Vibe

Joyful, fun, playful.

Frankie dressed in mauve and green dancing in front of beach hut in Norfolk

The process

Frankie designs for each product in the digital space. Once you select from her gallery and place your order, your item is custom made and printed-on-demand especially for you from the Contrado print warehouse in London. You receive your shopping within a few days.

The person

I'm Frankie Sinclair, an artist working out of a home studio in Wiltshire.

Artistically, my interests are fashion, character design and illustration. In the 1990s I studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London's Soho. I exhibited installation art in Europe and the USA. Here's one of my gargantuan and bulbous balloon characters.

Fine art installation - a balloon character by Frankie Sinclair

Balloons figured large in my life for quite some time! Here is a set of illustrated characters with balloons for heads.

Balloon inspired character designs by Frankie Sinclair

I also made a few interactive installation pieces from plasticine that were briefly in the Saatchi Collection and feature in a big fat book called "Young British Art the Saatchi Decade."  

From 2017 I have been having fun trading in vintage fashion doll clothes and exploring fashion design on a miniature scale.

Spring themed doll clothes styled on a clothes rail.

Frankie wearing fancy wooden glasses