ShimmyShim is a fashion doll clothes, accessories and furniture shop.

We specialise in micro-style and micro-vintage: cool furniture and luxury fashions at a scaled down size and price. We provide the characters and the props, you get creative and playful!

  • Collect your childhood toys and take a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
  • Catalogue and store your vintage treasures.
  • Create a wonderful shelf display or design a diorama.
  • Props for those eye-catching photos to share online. 

Size and brands

Shop here if you collect Barbie, Sindy, Pippa, Dawn, Daisy and other fashion dolls. We offer various size dolls and accessories to go with them, from tiny 4" Dolly Darlings, moving up to 6″ Dawn or Pippa size, 8″ MEGO size, 9″ Mary Quant Daisy, 10″ vintage Anna Moore or contemporary Creatable World and up to 11″ Sindy and 12″ Barbie dolls. The largest size we stock is currently 16" doll size.


We sell vintage from around 1950 onwards, as well as preloved, retro and contemporary designs.


We take care to prep and primp all our preloved items as carefully as possible, so that they reach you in the best possible clean, mended or new condition. You'll receive nicely wrapped and carefully packaged collectibles when you order online. Check our great feedback

Our delivery promise is 'despatch next working day' but we post earlier when possible.

Adult collectors

The majority of our stock is vintage and was not made to the same safety standards as today. It is fragile - some of our collectibles are over 50 years old. Furniture especially can be sharp if it's dropped and broken. For that reason our shop is for adults over the age of 18 years only. 

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*** ShimmyShim - fashion and style at a fraction of the size ***


The name ShimmyShim is inspired by a 1920s era dance. How outrageous it must have been at the time. One moment women were wearing bustles, corsets and full length gowns and the next they were shaking a leg in a beaded silk dress! Go girls!

Sindy in pink glitter jumpsuit dress with tassels.


ShimmyShim is run by director Frankie Sinclair.

Frankie wearing fancy wooden glasses
Frankie Sinclair