Pair of Senpo musical chair dolls

Dolls from Japan with giant manga eyes

1970s Japanese doll with giant manga eyes

I'm fascinated by these two 1960s Senpo dolls from Japan. They seem to match with their amazing beehive hair styles and musical chairs, although they each have unique details. The bride has mitten like hands whilst the dark haired doll has hands with fingers (a tiny bit claw like where the wire has poked through). They are both terrifyingly demure. The bride has extremely high heels. Weirdly they remind me more of sad broken Chinese feet from days past than Japanese style shoes.

I wonder if the dark haired doll is like a mother or aunt figure? Perhaps she was the matchmaker for the wedding?

They will both be available to buy at the ShimmyShim stall at the So Last Century fair on Sunday 11 June. Hope to see you there!

Very high heeled shoe

Note Thursday 21 November 2019

There were a set of these dolls and the two that I had were the Bride #4879 and Chinese #4875. Would love Spitz with her James Bond villain doggy!


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I have the doll you are looking for 4881 Spitz. Literally from my childhood and has never been out of the box.

Sandra Pelley

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