Dolly Mixture Museum - Event

Dolly Mixture Museum - Event

In 2020 just after lockdown, in the brief period when we were free to mix for a while, I ran a pop-up museum for a couple of weeks in a vintage market. It showed my mixed collection of fashion dolls and accessories.

Martina Söderström's Little Sindy Museum

If you are interested in seeing a museum for Pedigree Sindy, Martina Söderström has created one in Sweden. It looks wonderful and it has a website - The Little Sindy Museum. Martina has the support of Pedigree (the original creator of Sindy) for her museum, demonstrated by her use of the genuine Sindy logo. She continues to actively build the non-profit museum and you can follow her activities on her Little Sindy Museum website and see her unboxing videos on her LSM youtube channel!

ShimmyShim pop-up Dolly Mixture Museum

Dolly Mixture Museum illustration

I'm excited to announce that I will be hosting a month long 'fashion doll museum' pop-up at Haynes Lane Vintage Market in London, starting in the last week of August. 

It will be a mini museum, showcasing some of my personal collection. The curation of the show will be in collaboration with Sally Battley, owner of Maltpress Trading and Sian Foley of Alan's Antiques. Sally and Sian are currently running the vintage market together. The huge vintage and retro shop is a rambling cornucopia of fabulous finds waiting to be discovered by their destined owners. There is a great selection of characterful furniture, and some of it will soon display Sindy dolls through the ages, eccentric poodle faced dolls and the full collection of MEGO Wizard of Oz 8" dolls. Not sure what else I'm going to pick - I'll have to see how much I can fit in.

Here is a snapshot of the entrance to the venue showing Maltpress Trading.

Maltpress Trading at Haynes Lane Market

I do look forward to meeting any of you who make the journey to come and visit, as I aim to be there in person throughout the show.

Dates and Times

Thursday 27 August to Sunday 20 September (4 weeks)

Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 5pm

Entrance Fee

About the price of a cup of coffee.


Haynes Lane Market
Haynes Lane
Crystal Palace
SE19 3AN



Nearest train station is Crystal Palace which is about 7 minutes walk.


There are plenty of bars and cafes nearby as well as a farmers market next to the vintage market on Saturday. This includes plenty of open air, social distancing friendly spaces.


Please wear a mask if you are able. There is a numbers system in place and there are distance markings on the floor. There will be some masks available and there is hand sanitiser.

The museum is designed to be viewed so no big need to handle things.


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Dolly Mixture Museum poster







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