Flamingo looks

Flamingo looks

I have just discovered Sketch Appeal, 'a social enterprise on a mission to connect, empower, and uplift people through the joy of sketch'.

What a fun business! Ab Fab all the way. I joined them on Wednesday evening for their weekly Happy Hour which is funded by the National Lottery and free to attend. 

The idea is to draw each other in a Zoom meeting and the host issues challenges such as 'create a new hairstyle'. 

I was captivated by the direct gaze of this model and drew diamonds in her eyes. She also got flamingo earrings and updo.

 Sketch imagining flamingo style hair.

I experimented with the sketch in Photoshop adding a background and some flamingo feathers.

Flamingo earrings

Flamingo drawing with background colour.

A splashy portrait.

Portrait of a woman with watercolours

This is the same girl. Loved drawing her mouth with her teeth showing a little.

Face sketch with green reflections

Face portrait sketch with brown hair.

We were challenged to draw Naomi Campbell from a photo. It's that famed moment where she collapses, in a crumple on top of Vivienne Westwood platforms.

Sketch from a photo of Naomi Campbell.


Have you ever tried drawing in an online arena? How did it go? Comments below.

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