I drew your dolly #idrewyourdolly - a felt tip homage 🌈✍️

I drew your dolly #idrewyourdolly - a felt tip homage 🌈✍️

I'm sure I spent more time colouring in as a child than I ever did playing with dolls. My Dad worked from a home studio as a designer, and he had this enormous tin of 50 professional felt tip pens. It was a flat pack of heaven to me!

Row of Sindy doll faces drawn in felt tip pen

He very kindly allowed me to draw with these work pens when I was around ten years old. Of course there were no computer graphics in those days so he used an array of tools to aid technical drawings. I loved to create patterns using the felt tips and special plastic stencils with oval and circle shapes in them. I still have a couple of the originals of these patterns - I will have to dig them out.


Drawing of Sindy in full colour wearing rainbow top
Drawing from a photo scene by @sindydollpics


Anyway this is a preamble to say that having picked up the felt tips again, I am drawing dolls as well as the Queen. I thought it would be lovely to pay homage in felt tip form, to some of the most inspiring doll scenes shared on social media by you the wonderful doll collectors out there. You are all bursting with enthusiasm and creativity and drawing these scenes is a great way to savour them.


Drawing of Sindy doll in a red party dress
Drawing from a photo scene by @dollsabouttown


So I plunged in and drew one or two before suddenly wondering if there was any copyright issue - and there is. Making a drawing from a photo is called a 'derivative' artwork and since it calls heavily on someone else's original you must ask their permission first. So I will be scouting for inspiring scenes and you may receive a request from me to draw you scene. Feel free to request a drawing from me!


Felt top drawing of a gauntlet Sindy wearing a trouser suit
Drawing from a photoscene by @sindy_atelier


Follow #idrewyourdolly to see more drawings as I create them

I will include here some of the out takes as well so that you can see the process. I find I have to warm-up before I can place the lines in what you might call the 'right' place. Although somehow the 'wrong' place has a charm of its own.

Sindy drawing first attempt

Sindy party dress drawing out take

Practice drawing of Sindy




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