Kat Maconie paradise shoes

Kat Maconie paradise shoes

I strolled along Bermondsey Street a couple of weeks ago with my friend Helen Bird, to see what we could see (destination the Cerith Wyn Evans 'No realm of thought… No field of vision exhibition'). Along the way we stopped at a couple of chi chi cafes, passed the Fashion and Textile Museum, rode an electric bike, watched some molten glass take form at the glass blowing gallery and coveted some fabulous shoes in Kat Maconie. Oh, and discovered handmade fluffy alpaca poodles at Vinegar Yard. Looking back on it, we packed a lot in. A short street with a lot of square inch!

Love this painting hanging in Kat Maconie and I would love to know who painted or collaged it.

Painting collage with brand logos in Kat Maconie shop

Check out these blocky bird of paradise shoes. Beads, patent leather and a big ole pom pom!

Shoes with a bird of paradise and a pom pom

And some greek snails.

Sandals in neon

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