Logo sketches - how simple can it be?

Logo sketches - how simple can it be?

Designing a logo for ShimmyShim

Last week I sketched out some ideas for a logo icon. And with a logo icon, I will need a new logo typeface to match. As much as I would love to magic this up in a week, I realise this design process requires patience. It seems to be like planting seeds. I sketch a bit and then while I'm washing up, or sitting quietly for a moment, an image or idea pops into my head.

Sketchbook page of dancing girl icon

Initially I wanted it to look like a girl dancing in one of those dresses with beads that swish. Like a girl dancing the 1920s ShimmyShim. But then I thought about Mary Quant and the simple power of that daisy icon. And of course, the Sindy heart logo.

Sketchbook page of Lautrec inspired dancer shapes

I love Matisse cut-outs,

Screenshot of blue Matisse cut-outs

Toulouse Lautrec dancing legs

Toulouse Lautrec yellow poster

and the Mary Quant daisy logo.

Screenshot of Mary Quant daisy logo

And researching just led me to Filip Pagowski. His 'heart with eyes' design is the icon for fashion house Comme des Garçons. I love the way it is sketchy and not a perfect symmetrical silhouette. But that's hard to carry off!

Filip Pagowski heart icon


Heart and flower dress sketches

Lively heart sketches

I want the logo to feel energetic and joyful. And feel retro and contemporary at the same time. It must be fun and cool. It needs to look good when printed really small. I'm not sure if I want it symmetrical or freestyle. I have a way to go.

If you are in the mood for a little game, see how many of these 20 fashion logos you can guess on this Buzz Feed Fashion Logos Quiz

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