Pink Panther colour scheme

Pink Panther colour scheme

Finally pulling this post together after getting diverted by research into Pink Panther backgrounds, fairground scrolls design and 1970s sewing pattern covers. All relevant but a rabbit warren of distraction.

I've been sketching cartoon style and I arrived at a Pink Panther colour scheme. Here are the pinkiest sketches of a 1970s fashion doll called Action Girl by Palitoy.

Six pink sketches of vintage Action Girl doll


Pair of pink portraits in a cartoon style.

I like everything about this except for the border which isn't quite right.

Close up of pink felt tip drawing of cartoon face.


I have found a good pen combination which lets me combine wishy-washy with confident permanence. I block out a shape lightly with water-based Ecoline brush pens and then blend them with a little water. Not a huge slosh, just a touch. I then draw directly on top, almost immediately (no drying time required) with an alcohol based permanent pen.

Permanent markers and water based marker pens

I'm experimenting with Winsor and Newton Pro Markers and Sharpies. You can see in the picture I also have a precursor of the Winsor and Newton when it was a Letraset Tria pen. Almost the same but the Tria had 3 nib sizes! One fine point hidden in a double cap. I've had this pen for many years and I can hardly believe it hasn't dried out yet. Still going strong. 

Here is a screenshot of some Pink Panther research. I love the sketchy watercolour style of vintage animation backgrounds.

Screenshot of Pink Panther animation background images

After the pink schematic I wondered how rainbow coloured hair would render using the same pen mix.

The colour quickly leapt out of control and I had a confused moment where I tried to use contrasting black water colour paint as though it was an acrylic or gouache. Watercolours are almost completely new to me. They are probably too sophisticated and versatile for this project. I will stick to the Ecoline pens for now, as I have a quick grab box of colours.

Cartoon style drawings of a boy with rainbow hair.


Close up of rainbow hair boy drawing.


Winsor and Newton watercolour paints in tubes

Comparing the rainbow images with the pink ones, I prefer the pink. It can all swirl into a sickly pyschedelia too quickly!  But I'll carry on experimenting.

Screenshot of Pink Panther psychedelics


Felt tip drawing of rainbow hair girls.


More rainbow sketches



Close up of drawing of girl with pink and blue hair.


I will leave you to the jazzy delights of "Pink Phink" with theme tune by Henry Mancini.



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