Vainglorious in Salisbury - is Open Studios just vanity publishing?

Vainglorious in Salisbury - is Open Studios just vanity publishing?

Well I’m certainly enjoying the show. From where I’m sitting it looks like this:

Panoramic view of Frankie Sinclair Open Studios 2024

Bright light and 10 metres of space, make this room a wonderful impromptu gallery. I’m revelling in it. It’s amazing to be surrounded by the best of 3 years of work in progress. I feel exhilarated and motivated.

Frankie Sinclair in front of a carnival style figure drawing

And here I am, exhilarated and motivated in front of a drawing of a woman’s right breast. I tried retaking the photo but then I just thought ach it’s fun, or funny, or irreverent, or whatever. Anyway, nudity versus clothed ‘modesty’ and female sexuality is a topic for another blog post. This post is to talk about the pop-up Open Studios I’m sitting in the middle of.
What’s it all for? I’ve had 12 visitors so far (strictly speaking 11 as 1 came back) over 2 days and I’m on the top floor of a busy coffee shop on the High Street. So it’s a bit frustrating and at times, feels rather like a vanity project. I had hoped that being part of a well publicised Art Trail, and in the catalogue and on the map, would cover the heavy lifting on the marketing front. Here’s hoping for a busier weekend, and here’s to a bit of social media elbow-grease - for what it’s worth.

Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3

  1. Completion. Commitment to finishing pieces in time for the deadline. 
  2. It gets me out of the house. Sad but true.
  3. Bonding with acquaintances who have made the effort to come to the show.
  4. Catch up with old friends who have made the effort  to come to  the show.
  5. Excitement and interest of the visitors.
  6. Feedback on technique and presentation.
  7. Seeing threads and connections in the work and feeling like it’s coming together.
  8. Making the work live and breathe.

Visitor Vibe

Enthusiastic feedback note from a visitor
Anna from Devizes volunteered this feedback note which made me feel happy:
“Lovely to meet you! A very engaging experience both visually and orally with me firing questions at you. Thank you. I particularly like the colours and form of the large artwork by the door. Good luck with your exhibition.” 
Thanks to Simon, who I know from the Salisbury Writing Circle, who came in and bought two badges - yay!
Badges and small items for sale on the table
It would be lovely to see you at the show, open until end-of-play this Sunday 9 June 2024. Get the full details
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Thanks Tracy, lovely to hear from you. Yes it does feel good to contribute something to the community and offer inspiration where I’ve been inspired. x

Frankie Sinclair

I would be there but I’m overseas. We’ll done you, for putting yourself out there Frankie. Creative sharing counts!

Tracy Burge

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