A chronology of the Sindy logo

A chronology of the Sindy logo

Inspired by my visit to the Museum of Brands I decided to create a visual timeline of the Sindy logo. I was surprised how often it got redesigned or tweaked. If you have any of your own photographs of original Sindy packaging that I haven't included here (that you'd be willing to share), please drop me a line - it would be great to keep adding to this to create a full collection.



1963 Sindy logo


The lettering is rounded off a little and the logo is used with the noun 'Sindy's Wardrobe' or 'Sindy's Bed'.


Pedigree Sindy logo 1969


The mid 1970s is my favourite period for Sindy packaging design. I love the brutalist feel!

The heart appears in the background.

Pedigree Sindy logo 1976


The underline appears and the short lived appearance of a full length Sindy character.

Pedigree Sindy logo 1984

A big departure in the mid 1980s!


A blue box the following year and Sindy has been redrawn.

Pedigree Sindy logo 1985


The heart disappears from the background and pips the top of the 'i'. Sindy is now a portrait but she only lasts for one year.

Pedigree Sindy logo 1986



The attempt at integrating a Sindy portrait is dropped. A gradient fade from magenta pink to purple is added and the type has changed significantly.

Hasbro Sindy logo 1990


A white fill in background.

Hasbro Sindy logo 1993


And the heart finally turns into swirl. I think at this point some people had fallen out of love with Sindy so perhaps that's fitting!

Hasbro Sindy logo 1995

Here are full pictures of the packaging (except 1963 as I don't have a box).

1969 Sindy’s Bedside Table and Lamp MPN 12SA6

All the Sindy packaging up until 1969 featured prints of line drawings or artist painted illustrations. From 1969 you see Sindy boxes illustrated with colour photographs.

Sindy’s Bedside Table and Lamp 12SA6

1976 Sindy Rocker MPN 44554

Sindy Rocker 1976 44554

1984 Sindy Super Home Lighting Pack MPN 44439

Sindy Super Home Lighting Pack 1984 44439

1985 Sindy Walk in the Park MPN 44510

Sindy Walk in the Park 1985 44510

1986 Fun Time Sindy MPN 42040

Fun Time Sindy 1986 42040

1990 Hasbro Sindy Desk and Chair MPN C1-51

Hasbro Sindy Desk and Chair 1990 C1-51

1993 Sindy’s Cafe MPN 18293

Sindy’s Cafe 1993 18293

1995 Hasbro Sindy Imani popstar 18525

Hasbro Sindy Imani popstar 1995 18525

I don't have any 2000s decade Vivid Imaginations Sindy packaging to photograph, but the logo was very similar to 1995. The same colour but with a touch of 'shine' added to the letters giving the a smooth relief effect.

If you have any photos of other variations please do share!


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