Character eggs in vintage yellow plastic egg cups

Cartoon early learning egg toys

During a hunting spree, I found an egg toy. Coming up to Easter I put two and two together for an early learning Easter egg theme.

First discovery was this deeply pleasing Tomy egg box.

Tomy egg box - with lid closed.

Which opens to reveal half a dozen hen size eggs.

Tomy egg box open.

I like the incongruity of the about to be eaten / looking forward to some slap up nosh, lip smacking yolky faced egg. But then there's the sly egg and the doctor "say ahhhh" tonsils egg. So many good ones to choose from.

Each egg cracks open to reveal a second 'press and squeak' character. It's very split personality. Russian dolls within dolls, egg people that contain other egg people.

Press a Tomy egg and it squeaks

A perfect mix of slightly strange and reassuringly familiar.

Next we have a set of four jolly pop up dinosaurs. They're a bit more logical with large eggs containing teething reptile babies. Each can be up-popped by cracking the clever button challenge: press, slide, angle or twist.

Pop up dinosaur egg toy

Or press - to view evil Gargamel or Lazy Smurf in these blue Smurf eggs by Peyo.

Smurf egg with slide show image of Gargamel


Smurf egg with mushroom slide

Pushing the egg theme a bit with this Japanese early learning keyboard from Toyroyal - I think they're just round heads but call them egg heads for now.

With charming Glasgow smiles and Japanese emoticon eyes.

Musical eggs toy

Kaleidoscope scarf

Folded kaleidoscope scarf

And nothing to do with eggs but an Easter Spring quiz question. Do you recognise this scarf? I haven't been able to identify the brand but the pattern looks so familiar... Answers in comments please.

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