Ludmila Smiles - A Few More Sketches From The Marathon Session

Ludmila Smiles - A Few More Sketches From The Marathon Session

The schedule for the Judith Yaws figure drawing marathon went on until 3.30am BST. I'm a bit of a lightweight, and dropped out at around 10:30pm after Haley. I missed out on the only male model who was modelling with his partner Tatiana at 2am. 

Seriously suffered from FOMO - the feeling of missing out! Especially as there were only 10 minute breaks between each set.

The figure drawing marathon schedule looked like this:

12:40 PM - 14.10 PM Poppy

14:20 PM - 15:50 PM Ludmila

16:00 PM - 17:30 PM Tina

17:40 PM - 19:10 PM Frankie

19:20 PM - 20:50 PM Melina

21:00 PM - 22:30 PM Haley

22:40 PM - 24:10 AM Anabella

00:20 AM - 01:50 AM Anna Uchiyama

02:00 AM - 03:30 AM Tatiana & Jonathan


One of my favourite models is Ludmila. She has a tendency to start laughing randomly at odd moments (feline antics in the background?) and her state of repose includes a cupid bow smile.

I seem to have created a strange albino Ludmila here, with red eyes. It's mainly down to the quick poses - it can be a bit rushed for colour work.

Portrait drawing of Ludmilla

Here are a couple more that I drew / painted of Ludmila. She chose a red fan as  a prop which was great. I like the red, blue and yellow image best.

Drawing painting of Ludmilla with red fan


Drawing painting of Ludmilla with red fan at the side


Finally, a drawing that I liked but lost faith for a second and splotched her face to try and cover a 'wrong' line.

Painting drawing of Ludmilla with a small stool

If you would like to join one of Judith Yaws figure drawing sessions online, you can find the upcoming sessions here. I don't think there will be another marathon for a while. Not sure how frequent they are - possibly Spring and Autumn only.


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