New tights designed especially for 1980s Sindy

Sindy legs with tights and high heels

I got fed up with the tight tights struggle! Yes tights are meant to be tight but getting them onto Sindy's legs with their slightly tacky, skin-imitation, rubbery surface, is a tough game. She ends up with hair all mussed up, upside down with bunched up fabric rucked around her ankles!

I'm talking about the late 1970s to 1986 Sindy dolls (which are the most common). They have the double click knees and ball jointed hips.

So I decided to custom design the perfect Sindy tights pattern and make some tights up. I had beautiful weather and took my sewing machine out into the garden.

Sewing in the garden with my machine and a fold out table.

I ended up with about 7 versions of this pattern. It's surprising how many variations of making something there can be!

Anyway, I'm finally happy with the shape, and made up a few different colours. Which gave me the perfect excuse to have a styling session 😁

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Red tights for majorettes

Patch and Sindy in Faerie Glen majorette outfits

If you love majorette costumes, check out this marvelous photo series by South African photographer Alice Mann, called Drummies. I adore the crazy bearskin hats and the spirit of the girls!

Black compliments Alpine chic

Black tights casual style

A sweet vanilla contrast to Maddie Mod - pale yellow

Sindy wears Maddie Mod

Step up to crazy paving with bright yellow

Puff sleeves with yellow and Fleur shoes

Sindy swaps in red with her Bright and Breezy jumper dress

Sindy wears Bright and Breezy

Yes beige is groovy with Faerie Glen tassels

Groovy Faerie Glen

Innocent pale pink team

Pale pink tights with blue dress

Darkest purple contrast

Sindy in Tangerine Dress with purple tights

Blue Checker Decker mate

Sindy in Checker Decker skirt

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The tights are soft touch, 4 way stretch. I've hand sewn the toes (for now). Sew there are no lumps, bumps or baggy knees.

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