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Science fiction art generated by artificial intelligence. Sci-Fi AI

I feel spellbound by this AI generated fashion: dissonance cut into a jewel. The models are a parade of shining starlings and ravens. When their beaks part, metallic facsimiles of human speech sing out. They live in magpie kingdoms, where cities are infinite clusters of nests. Each nest is a tangle of glitter and shiny paraphernalia. Shards of tinselly jetsam flick into the static aura of the cities and accumulate there in crystalline lumps. Eventually they solidify into tangled planets and spin out, into orbit around the sun. They darken our world.

It's not everyday I get inspired to write poetry so these images are worth a look.

You can find more of Jonas Peterson's AI work on Facebook.

He explains here, how he makes the work. It's a lengthy quote, as not everyone has access to Facebook.

"I’m a photographer and interested in both styling and fashion, but these aren’t photos and the clothes are not real. Instead I’ve used artificial intelligence to create the scenes, the people and what they’re wearing. I give specific direction using words only to a program, lenses, angles, camera choice, color theme, colors, styling, backgrounds, attitude and overall look and the AI goes to work, it sends back suggestions and more often than not it’s completely wrong, so I try other ways to describe what I’m after, change wording, move phrases around and try to get the AI to understand the mood. It’s frustrating mostly, the AI is still learning, but getting any collaborator to understand you can be difficult no matter if it’s a human or a machine. After a long stretch of trial and error I get closer to a style and look I want and after that it comes down to curation, picking the renders I believe go well together, I start making it a series. To me the process is similar to that of a film director’s, I direct the AI the same way they would talk to an actor or set designer, it’s a process, we try over and over again until we get it right. Should I get all the credit? God, no, the AI creates with my help and direction, it’s a collaboration between a real brain and an artificial one. But it’s also just the first step, I use a number of other applications to finesse the first crude results I’m getting. I’ve been open with that and you don’t need to go back many posts to realize I’ve used AI for this. I answered comments, but no matter how many times I said it was created using AI through MidJourney, other people asked the exact same thing over and over again, so I simply stopped. I’m not here to debate the process, I’m a professional photographer, writer and artist myself, I understand the implications, how this will affect many creative fields in the future. I’m simply using a tool available to me to tell stories, the same way I’ve always told stories – to move people. To me that is the point of this, not how I did it. Dissecting something will almost always kill it. "

A few months back I saw some work by Chi Hsuan Huang. Incredible imagined bird costumes. I'm not sure he considers himself an artist. He just 'commanded' the work, posted it on Facebook, and didn't seem to have too much to say about it. I did see a comment that he used to create it.

Here are some of the images. They may not have been posted on this platform by the actual artist as there is again, no information.

I originally saw the images posted on the Facebook group AI Art Universe.

12 January 2023

Found this artist today. Toy designer by trade, they have experimented with toy designs in AI. It's interesting how nostalgic they are, despite being new.


25 February 2023

A lot of AI artists seem to be very mysterious with no real name or bio. Here is another rather beautiful sci-fi style selection. All I can find is the Instagram tag @thevisualdome



1960s Mod inspired

Franck Gerard

Hello, I wonder which Part of the process in this picture is AI? How do you use Artificial intelligence to Produce your Art work? Or is it only a hashtag?

@dalgieri I use AI to produce these images but sorry I don't communicate my process or the tools I use. The only important thing is that you enjoy them😉

@franckgerardart Magic never reveals itself👏❤️"



1 March 2023

My Dad loved these sci-fi helmets which are a concept art collaboration between and @flybyartist on Instagram.


Also love the fantasy food by on second Instragram channel 


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