Settling down to a bit of bright viewing

Settling down to a bit of bright viewing

I worked over the background colours of Flamingo Look today.

Flamingo hair woman with wavy green background

The nice thing about Photoshop is you can create and switch between variations.

Flamingo hair woman with blue wavy lines

She now has a fluffy jumper (I used a Photoshop paint brush I'd imported called KYLE ultimate pencil hard).

This evening I'm about to relax and watch this interview about a colourful house in New York.

I'm dying to paint my beige and grey home. I've made a start by collecting a selection of free paints from the local recycling centre. This is a great rubbish tip (excuse the pun): collect unwanted wall paint from the waste disposal. Paint is hard to recycle and dispose of, so people drop it off at the Council run waste depot and the best pots are stored in a metal cupboard. You just browse and take your pick. So I'm less worried about making mistakes because the paint was free. But honestly I feel rather frozen by the sheer choice. I love all colour so it's hard to choose.

I'll watch this video for ideas on how to use multiple colours. It is very over the top. I'm not sure I could live with that much colour stimulation. My brain might trip out.

Talking of trips, there is a podcast on BBC Sounds called Acid Dream - The Great LSD Plot about how pure LSD was accidentally discovered by a scientist in the UK and sold from a secret farmhouse in Wales by goat rearing hippies. Worth a listen.

Saturday morning

Just finished watching that rainbow home video. WOW. I love the calm confidence and charm of the couple that live there and what an amazing home. If you're feeling the January blues, swish them away with a rainbow.

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