The Story of the Queen Cartoonified

The Story of the Queen Cartoonified

Ideas and Inspiration

I started drawing the Queen back in April 2022. I love colour, I love brightly coloured clothes and I love senior women who wear brightly coloured clothes! So Her Majesty was my perfect drawing subject (or am I the Queen's Subject? This could get confusing).

I had a rough idea to create a fabric design based on her hats, but I let my creative head get carried away and she began to turn into a cartoon. I think you can see the progression in the samples of drawings below. And I drill down deep into the design process in this blog post.

See the difference between the 'cartoon character' and the original illustration. The cartoonified Queen is much more exaggerated and she has some set features which are repeated almost like a pattern: her eyes are always hidden so that the public smile is the focus; her hat is Mad Hatter size and her legs and feet and tiny. She is magnanimous, but at the same time she herself could be a little figure being pushed around on a board game.Close up of cartoon of the Queen in blue outfit
I took care to match all the key characteristics of the real Queen of England:  handbag and brooch always on the left side, gloves and large pearl earrings always worn and one, single colour for the outfit.
Close up of cartoon of the Queen in pale blue outfit
Here are six of the final Queens. The yellow and black 'Queen Bee' outfit is my own design and I'm proud of it! Perhaps I will send it in to Her Majesty she might even wear it.
Let me know in the comments what you think. Does this cuddlesome Queen make you chuckle? Does she warm your heart?
Row of cartoon Queen Elizabeth figures - each in a different colour of the rainbow

Drawing in progress

The Products

Guess what? You can get the T-shirt 😃

And the apron, the dress, the mug, the bone china mug and the bunting.



Special request for another product? Contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Cartoon of beaming Queen Elizabeth in front of a Spitfire airplane flypast

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Emblem

Look for the purple Jubilee emblem on the products - it has been issued by the palace for use on Jubilee collectibles for a short time period during 2022.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee official purple emblem

Sip your tea, spread some cream on your scones and have a browse.

Your Party

This once-in-a-lifetime Platinum Jubilee is the best excuse for a party to bond with your family, neighbours and friends. String up some gorgeous fancy bunting, step into a Summer dress and share a pot of tea in some collectible mugs.


Pastel coloured string of triangular bunting flags
Animation showing a close up of several individual flags in the bunting

Women’s T-shirts

A close-up look at the joyful and fun cartoon character of QEII.

White T-shirt with pink trim at neck and large cartoon of the Queen in pink. With cream tea in the foreground


Female model wearing white T-shirt with large cartoon of the Queen in pink. With cream tea in the foreground


Female model wearing crew neck T-shirt with cartoon of the Queen in pink outfit. Cream tea in the foreground



Bone China Mugs

Her Majesty can be seen on both sides of the mug. Each different coloured Queen cartoon is flanked by a pet love of the Queen such as her Corgi dogs.

Bone china mug showing the cartoon Queen in yellow with Corgi dog pets.


Bone china mug showing the cartoon Queen in red with white swans.
Side of bone chine mug showing the Platinum Jubilee emblem

Chunky mugs

Chunky mug with large handle showing the cartoon Queen in magenta pink with symmetrical topiary.



Biscuit Tin

A classic fave in the UK - bet your Grand parents have one, and you have too. Imagine this biscuit tin, in 40 years time, well loved, and still used as a container for those tasty chocolate chip cookies or shortbread.
Side of biscuit tin showing Jubilee emblem and two of the cartoon Queens with feathered hats.



Well, this is my little joke - I couldn’t help but imagine my own designer outfit for the Queen. It’s called the Queen Bee and I think you can see why?
White apron with black neck and ties. Showing Queen dressed in a yellow and black outfit like a bumble bee.
Female model wearing Queen Bee apron.
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