Queen cartoons - I've been drawing rainbow coats and rainbow hats

Queen cartoons - I've been drawing rainbow coats and rainbow hats

15 May UPDATE 

Range of Queenie human sized goodies now available

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It's raining the whole spectrum of Royal coats and hats in my world. I've been studying the public wardrobe of Elizabeth II in the run up to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Queen Elizabeth II red outfit cartoonQueen in yellowQueen Elizabeth II green coat hat outfit cartoonQueen in purple

Imagine a poker face polka of multi colour little old ladies with posies and glossy handbags. That's how my next fabric design might tesselate into existence. Although to be fair to her, Ma'am often has a generous smile to bequeath upon her subjects and realm whilst she does her duties, which must truly be taxing for a 95 year old. The duties, not the smile. Or maybe both. I don't know but I'm fascinated, especially by the cohesive styling. The strict styling of the wardrobe array is almost military in precision.

The Queen is so proper, with her gloves, hand bag and perfectly placed jewelled accents. At the same time, the sheer vulgarity of those fluorescent colours and hats! Full of pertness and purpose. Almost like beautiful fungi poised to spawn a billion micro Queens into the cosmos. Exciting. Royal. And just a little bit funny.

Queen Elizabeth II red hat close upQueen Elizabeth II yellow hat close upQueen Elizabeth II green hat close upQueen Elizabeth II turquoise hat close upQueen Elizabeth II blue hat close upQueen purple hat

This is the first batch I drew - I realised I needed to draw her face first and then add the hat at an exaggerated size.

First batch of rainbow Queen sketches
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