Collection: The Queen Cartoonified

It’s 2022 and the Queen goes Platinum! She is the first ever British Monarch to reign for 70 years in a row. Over those years, the world has marvelled at her amazing haute couture outfits. She always appears confident and gracious in a dazzling bright colour. Which is your favourite? Lime green is perhaps the most unusual, especially on a grey rainy day in London at Buckingham Palace.

I’m Frankie and I love joyful fashion illustration and character design. I’ve drawn a warm and happy cartoon of the Queen in each of her favourite colours. Collect the whole rainbow for a fun celebration.

Every product is complete with the official Queen's Platinum Jubilee emblem. The emblem (never referred to as a logo!) is only permitted for manufacture on merchandise until the end of October 2022. This makes it highly collectible and rare (especially in a print-on-demand run) so get yours now!

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