Art Parlour 2024

Salisbury UK

Art Parlour (coffee swirl background)

New arts event

A drop in and create, free form arts event. Come and draw, have your portrait drawn, read, write, doodle, play acoustic music and socialise.

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TikTok reel of the first Art Parlour in January

Filmed, edited and directed by Estelle Phillips, nature writer and performer.

@estellephillips Yesterday afternoon ShimmyShim held an Art Parlour at Sonders Coffee in Salisbury. It was a lovely afternoon. :) #artworkshop #creativecommunity #artistsoftiktok ♬ Art - Blake Rules & Netherfriends


Last year, I drew portraits every day for a fortnight, at Sonder Coffee on the High Street. It worked out really well, with people enjoying the combination of the cafe ambience, the novelty of being drawn and collaborating one-to-one with an artist.

I rose to the challenge of live drawing, gained confidence and explored drawing methods and styles.

The idea for the Art Parlour, is to revisit Sonder Coffee and share the experience with other creatives.

Please book (free or by donation)


This is your invitation to join me upstairs at Sonder Coffee, for some cafe society antics.
You know those art movements that happen? Well, you're in one. It's happening now. Live it!

Who is the event for?

Creatives such as:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Writers
  • Poets
  • Photographers
Please book (free or by donation)

Space for you to create for the afternoon

  • Draw / Doodle.
  • Write poetry / music / poems / stories.
  • Play music.
  • Pose for a portrait.
  • Loosen up, experiment.
  • Socialise with other creatives.
  • Get valuable feedback on your latest project. Ask for a constructive crit or some encouragement.

Normally the co-working space is for silent work library style. Since I have booked the whole space, we are free to talk and make some music.

The event is not designed for kids, but if you really want to come but don't have childcare, please bring your child.

Please book (free or by donation)

Equipment and materials

The space has a window seat with cushions, cafe chairs and tables and a large central table. So space to spread out.

There is lots of daylight with views of the High Street below.

No easels. You can bring a portable easel.

Please bring your own materials. For this event, dry / clean materials preferably as I don't want to end up with a cleaning bill 🫢

Please book (free or by donation)


This time I have booked out the whole of the co-working upstairs space. We’ll have the cafe ambience with no pressure to vacate a table for the next coffee lover!

Upstairs 2nd floor co-working space
Sonder Coffee
35 High Street,

Please book (free or by donation)

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Events run in the afternoon from 1pm to 5pm, every 4th Friday of the month until May 2024.