Just email me your photo, and I will create your doodle sketch!

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Doodle Portrait From Your Best Photo

Doodle Portrait From Your Best Photo

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What do I receive?

You will receive a digital A6 portrait to print out and / or post on your personal social media channels and website.

How to order?

Just choose your favourite doodle style from the dropdown and add to your basket.

You will receive a confirmation email and you can reply to me with a lovely photo to draw from.

Terms and Conditions

What  you get and when

Your portrait will be hand drawn by artist Frankie Sinclair.

Each single quantity that you purchase will be of one single person. In other words, if you choose 'quantity 1' you will buy one portrait of one person.

For each portrait that you order, you will receive an A6 (105 x 148mm) digital portrait by email. The image will have a 150ppi resolution (size 620 x 874 pixels).

I aim to complete your portrait within 7 days, but in case of illness and workload the maximum waiting time will be 30 days (from the time I have received an acceptable photograph) or you will be offered a full refund.

The number and type of colours in the portrait will be at the artist's discretion, unless we agree (in an email) to a certain colour palette or black and white.

What you need to supply

You need to send a photo:

That is clear and at least passport photo size.

That you own the copyright to (which usually means that you took the photo).

Of a person who has approved of their image being sent to me and drawn.

Do not supply

Please do not send any image containing sexual, violent or other objectionable content.


You can print the image on paper for your own use or as a gift.

You can share the image on your personal social media channels.

Frankie Sinclair, as the artist, owns copyright of the image. Therefore you cannot sell the image in any form including either digital or printed on any object. You must not use it for commercial gain such as in advertising.

You must not print the image onto other objects apart from paper.

You cannot edit or alter the image.


As this is a digital product, the purchase is non-refundable once you have received the portrait.

Refusal of orders or cancellation

The artist Frankie Sinclair, reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order.


The photo you send will be deleted after the portrait is complete and delivered to you and will not be used again.

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