Not a plan executed

Not a plan executed

Some drawings from Saturday.

A video popped up on my facebook feed with some quotes from Eva Hesse that tied in well with lines of thinking Estelle and I discussed at the Art Parlour on Friday. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere. In a tired moment after Scottish Borders Life Drawing Zoom this afternoon I trawled Facebook and YouTube trying to find it. No luck. Trawling Facebook and YouTube is like wading slowly through a sickly breeding pond of those leeches recommended in the 17th Century.

It was something about unresolved art being better. It's not a plan executed. Or I should say I don't want it to just be a plan executed. I'll come back to the topic.

On the upside it's been a good few days of art bracketed into the month. And eBay sales are double the dismal month I had in November, so less money worries.

Here are the drawings.

Line drawing of a woman on orange and red ink background.

Trinidad @trinidadmodelovivo

The face annoys me on this one and the spindly right arm. But I like the gist of what I'm doing with combining the line drawing and the coloured background.


Line drawing of woman with pink felt tip.

Model is Elya @arte_muse

If I drew this again, I would make the felt tip lines (which were the first 'pass' at the drawing, less angular and stick like).


Line drawing of woman on pink swirls.

 Trinidad @trinidadmodelovivo


Line drawing of woman with pink and blue felt tip.

Model is Elya @arte_muse

Line drawing of woman on pink and yellow with black paint.

Tina @tina_artmodel

Tina is also an actress. She has a very expressive style of modelling. And she uses bright coloured fabric in her backdrop and draped across her chair. 

The session on Saturday night was organised and hosted by Judith Yaws (an artist based in North Caroline USA)


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