Collection: Doodle Portraits

Love to draw

I love to draw, using a rainbow array of watercolour ink felt tips and permanent marker pens. The more doodly the look, the more I like them. This collection brings together my favourite faces drawn from life and online. I have joined in with live drawing at Sketch Appeal where we draw each other on screen using ice breaking techniques such as drawing with the left hand. It feels fun and it makes for some upbeat artwork. 

Your doodle portrait

If you have taken part in one of my live drawing events, you may find your own image here.

Special requests

There are so many products that I could add these doodly likenesses to: from stationery, to table linens, to high quality art prints. Contact me with any special requests. And if you want to buy a selection of matching or combination sets, again Contact me and I will arrange it so that you pay the minimum amount of postage.