London Fashion Doll Festival Sunday Salesroom

Sunday Salesroom at the Festival - £6 entry at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London.

ShimmyShim will be exhibiting at the festival on Sunday 9 June at the Sunday Salesroom I'm busy out in the garden sewing up some prototype T-shirt designs for the Friendly Collection. And some silky stuff possibly to be the Cafe Culture Collection.

I plan to offer 'make your own' kits as well as ready mades.

Feedback welcome as these collections are in development.

T-shirt designs printed on fabric3 Sindy dolls wearing friendly T-shirtsSindy in white emoji T-shirtSmile You Got A Sad Face designLatte hearts design on silkCoffee swirl design on silk

London Fashion Doll Festival Facebook page - stuffed full of fab pop culture posts

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