The Toy Fair 2020 - two cool charities

So the last thing I expected to see at a toys trade show, was a pile of old toys. Of course my eye is trained to spot old toys so I didn't miss them!

Jane Garfield, co-founder of The Toy Project explained that her charity 

"recycles your unwanted new and used toys and gives them to children who need them". 


The Toy Project co-founder Jane Garfield
The Toy Project co-founder Jane Garfield holding her #IrecycleMyToys banner with Frankie Sinclair


They also sell some of the recycled and cleaned up old toys.

"We sell used toys to encourage children to donate and to not buy new and we put the money we raise in to running the project and putting on community events."

So as a collector you may want to check out the Toy Project shop in Archway in London. It looks like a treasure trove. Jane said they don't sell any of their toys on eBay, just in the shop so I'm sure there are some terrific treasures to be found in the shop. I love the idea - it's very good karma! Also a great solution if you want to donate your collection.

Upstairs I discovered another charity with a similar premise: to add joy and happiness to the lives of kids who've been through tough times. The Kids Out charity provides fun days out and rich experiences as well as toys for kids.


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